Social Media Services:


Facebook Fan Page: Starting at $850


With your facebook business page, your customers can

communicate with each other, which is a good way to get referrals.


Benefits of a facebook business page include, customer

communication and advertising referrals.


Use your facebook business page to receive great referral business

opportunities, and have your customers communicate with each other.




Web Services:


SEO: $750


Customers will see you with our use of pay per click advertising,

google ad words and mobile SEO.


Be seen by more customers when you use our pay per click

advertising, mobile SEO and google ad words.


Pay per click, google ad words and mobile SEO are tools we use

to help you be seen by more customers.




Other Services:


Business Entity Set Up


Starting a business is a process. We want to make sure you

understand that process and have knowledge of the factors involved.


We will make sure you learn all that you about starting a business.

We want to make sure you the best knowledge for the length of your



We can guide you in the ride direction with starting your business.

We will show you how to obtain your EIN, create an LLC, balance

multiple business accounts, and much more.



Business Data Inquiry's: $.05-$30 each



We will be able to assist with data production and varication.

If you need assistance to verify data or create it we can help.


Let us help verify data accuracy which is a key factor in advertising.

We are even able to create the data for you in many industries.


Clear Logic Solutions is able to create the data for you in many

industries. This is a key component in creating your perfect website.





Because of the complexity of each business client, our prices can vary.


Please contact us at 1-800-815-2629 to see how we can grow your business.

Twitter Page: Starting at $500


When you link your Twitter page to your site your existing clients stay updated, which will generate reoccurring business.


Keep your existing clients updated with new deals and specials

when you combine your site with twitter. Get your repeat businesses running today!


When you link your Twitter page existing clients will be able to stay updated with your business news and specials.

Custom Development: Starting at $1500


Need assistance with your new ideas? We provide executives that can put together those ideas or create new ones if needed.


We have dedicated account executives that can help jump start your advertising ideas. We can also help merge different advertising

packages and work with unusual strategies.


We can help combine advertising packages and unique ideas. Our account executives will assist with any ideas you may have.

Resource Identification, Custom Writing Services

and Document Preparation: Starting at $1000


If you need assistance with preparing documentation we have

account managers that are here to help.


Account managers are provided to help you with business

documentation that may be required.


Our company can give you an account manager to help edit or

create documents that may be needed for your business.

Builder 101 Hosting


We are now offering affordable web hosting to our clients

for $4.95 monthly.


Clear Logic Solutions LLC is always adding new product lines

to help service our clients.


This will make it easier to manage your websites moving forward.

By adding more services it allows us to improve our performance for our clients.

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